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Speed boost tip

What is Superfast Broadband?

Q: What is superfast broadband?    A: It is internet access that can transfer a lot of data such as websites, multimedia files, images, videos and music very quickly, much faster than the top speed we can get at the moment in rural areas. Superfast broadband can be delivered by wireless or optical fibre networks. (More)

Q: Can we get superfast broadband in our area of Eden?  A: Not yet, no, but we hope to get it soon. Most of us in the Leith-Lyvennet area of Eden can get ADSL broadband. This service uses existing telephone lines by splitting the use of the line to deliver one set of signals for data and one set for voice messages. This allows us to use the phone at the same time as we use the internet. (View Presentation)

Q: Isn’t ADSL good enough? A: ADSL is a very clever system but it is becoming outdated because the speed of internet access over metal wires is limited by two factors:

1) the distance from the nearest exchange (attenuation)


2) the number of people who are using the wire at any one time (contention). Many homes are far from an exchange. More and more of us are using the internet more heavily these days and so the available speed is slowing down. When the kids get off school there is a noticeable slowing down of service.  Different places get different speeds, few people enjoy the maximum speeds that are advertised. Sadly it tends to be the remotest places that get the worst service - these are the places that most need a good connection.

In addition, copper wires can suffer problems with moisture on the line. In some places ADSL is too slow to view multimedia websites satisfactorily or to use videoconferencing software at all. (More on speed)

Q: Why do we need superfast broadband?  A: Eden is the second largest District in England, it is sparsely populated and has a relatively high number of people self-employed or in small businesses. The greater distance between people and essential services coupled with our ageing society makes fast broadband very important. The internet is already important for business, education, shopping, entertainment and government services. It’s going to be more important with future applications. (More on benefits) for further information.