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Privacy Policy

We take privacy issues seriously and this section details what kind of information we may collect from you and how we may share it.

For commercial research purposes we may collect, store, and publish such data about residents, community groups and activities that is submitted to us for publication, or that is already published elsewhere in the public domain for example in community media (Parish notice boards, The Lyvennet Link, The Leith-Lyvennet Newsletter, fliers etc.).

Contact details may be used by EVD to communicate with local area residents who have given us their contact details for the purpose of contacting them.

We may also collect information via survey to be shared with third party suppliers on a controlled basis, in aggregated form, to help ascertain levels of demand for, and expected levels of use of digital services. Such data would only be published in an aggregated form, not as individual records. Individual records will be kept securely and not shared with third parties for any other purposes than those for which it was permitted by the source to be collected at point of collection.

In addition to the above uses, we may supply any information to law enforcement agencies that we are obliged to provide them by law. We may use the information in any situation where it could constitute evidence useful in the defence of Eden Valley Digital in case of a dispute.

We may also collect, store and display such simple visitors’ statistics that are made available to us via our server, such as frequency and dates of visits to this site (including viewing I.P. Addresses where relevant) and we may use this data to improve our services and also in relation to our interaction with advertisers if we choose to place advertisements on any of our pages. We currently do not allow third party advertising on our website or blog and we don’t share visitor’s information with third parties for the purpose of advertising.


Any one of the following behaviours would also constitute a breach of our terms of use for this website: illegal access to the site (hacking), any deliberate presentation of false information with the intention to mislead, the use of a false identity, any attempt to defraud us, our suppliers or our customers, any attempt to defame or misrepresent us or our suppliers.

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EVD is not responsible for the quality of any sites linked to from this website, their quality is the sole responsibility of their creators and all such sites are governed by their own terms of use and privacy policies.

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Last Updated: May 13, 2014

In relation to all applicable laws, Charles Paxton of The Webcat (email is identified as data controller for this site on behalf of

 Eden Valley Digital  (EVD)

The Old School

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Cumbria CA10 3AZ

Collectively, Charles Paxton and EVD are referred to in this document as ‘us’ or ‘we’. Please carefully read the following terms and conditions of use and our privacy policy before accessing, henceforth referred to in this document as ‘this web site’, ‘our website’ or ‘this site’. All prospective and actual visitors of this site are referred to on this site as ‘you’. Using this web site indicates that you accept these terms, conditions and disclaimers (henceforth referred to collectively as terms). If you do not accept these terms, please do not use this web site. All use of this site must conform to our terms of acceptable use. In case of disagreement with these terms your sole recourse is to discontinue using this site. Any failure to comply with these terms indemnifies us against any related complaint, grievance or suit to the maximum extent permissible by English law.

This web site and its use is subject to and governed by the applicable laws of England and Wales, is informational only and is provided by Eden Valley Digital, also referred to on this web site as EVD, ‘us’ and ‘we’, for your optional, free use, on an as-is basis with no warranties attached of any sort, express or implied. You use it entirely at your own risk and your only other option is to discontinue using this site.

We make no representations, endorsements or warranties of any kind with respect to the site, its contents or any other site linked to this web site. Neither the data controller nor EVD will be liable for any damages whatsoever arising from or in connection with the use of this site, including and without limitation, damages for loss of use, data or profits, from delay or inability to use the site, the provision of or failure to provide services from the site, or for any information, products, services, media and graphics obtained through the site or any site linked to this one. In any case of any perceived grievance, complaint or suit, your first recourse should be to cease using the site and to contact the webmaster requesting a perceived course of remedial action. Regardless of the circumstances, any legal case brought in relation to this site can only be conducted within the provisions of the laws of England and Wales, and under the jurisdiction of English Courts.

Parameters of acceptable use of this website.

This site and all materials accessible from it are made available for temporary reference via real-time online browsing for personal use only by people aged 18 and above. Unless expressly stated otherwise on pdf documents accessible from our sharing link (if we establish one) we do not allow copying or printing of any of our media material.

We forbid any form of electronic or physical interference with this website or any of the equipment that enables its publication or related data storage. The deliberate introduction of malicious software and/or spyware to any of our systems is expressly prohibited and we will report any such attacks to the relevant authorities and assist where we can in any offenders’ prosecution.

Interactive elements of this site

Eden Valley Digital representatives will never ask you to email your banking or credit card details to us.

We ask you not to submit any sensitive or illegal data through any interactive elements on our site, for example: email, interactive forms and blog.

Submission of Data to this Site

This entire site is copyright © 2011 Eden Valley Digital and licensors. EVD and the contributing artists and authors retain and assert copyright of all their original works. All original materials on this site, including, and not limited to, design, text, graphics, logos, images, audio and video, are the property of EVD or licensed for use by EVD, and may only be downloaded for your personal use on-screen. Any further distribution for sale or any other use is expressly prohibited. Modifying, distributing, re-publishing, publicly performing or broadcasting any of the recordings, text, graphics or images included on this site without express written consent from EVD is also prohibited.

All material submitted to the site is for publication unless expressly stated otherwise, and must comply with applicable English laws and current social and political correctness, including, but not limited to not infringing copyright, not defaming any persons, not presenting danger to minors and not promoting discrimination or hatred. Don’t submit material to the site or blog that you do not want published. Materials submitted to this site and blog are subject to moderation.

Though we try to make sure that all information published is true and correct at time of publication we accept no liability for any errors or omissions and reserve the right to change information at any time without notice. The situation is fluid and subject to rapid change. It is the visitors’ responsibility to be aware of changes to these terms, the last updated notice at the top of this page is indicative of whether or not alterations have taken place to this pages since you last visited.

Accessing Data That We May Hold About You

The provisions of the Data Protection Act allow that you may see the full extent of any personal data that we hold about you within 20 days of your request for it, provided that you pay an acceptable fee and provide genuine proof of identity. EVD will provide this service for a fee of £10.

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Thank you

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