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Better Broadband On The Horizon

Many residents in the Leith Lyvennet villages will be able to access superfast broadband over the telephone wires. Other residences that are in line of sight of Lonsdale Network Services (LNS) wireless masts at Whinfell, High Murber or Sockenber can get fast broadband by wireless.

Connecting Cumbria Video explains broadband development strategy

LonsdaleNET are now offering Superfast Broadband

Contact LonsdaleNet at 01228 80802 if you are interested in getting Superfast Broadband by Wireless.

One residence in Reagill switched to this service and now gets 40 Mbps download by wireless. The owners are thrilled with the service so far, before they rarely attained 1.5 Mbps, now they can get 40 Mbps.

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EVD seek local participants in broadband research

Broadband Champions will be contacting some of their residents soon requesting them to participate in communications research to compare their broadband speeds before and after their upgrade to fibre-enabled broadband.

This research is expected to increase understanding of system performance .

More information on fibre enabled wireless broadband at

LonsdaleNET Leaflet.pdf

Speed Boost Tip: Try Resetting Your Modem Off-peak

Are you suffering unusually slow broadband? Try resetting your modem (turning it off and then on again) at an off-peak time. This resets the modem at the higher off-peak performance level.